Though you might not think of Manhattan as a place to go to enjoy nature, let alone get outdoors; this borough has plenty to offer. Did you know there is a Manhattan bistro where you go not to eat, but to solve crime? In 1799, Levi Weeks was accused of killing his girlfriend, Gulielma Sands. Weeks was accused of murder, but his attorneys won him an acquittal. His attorneys were none other than Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton. Though the well has long been blocked, visitors can still visit the bistro location.

There are more outdoor attractions that visitors to the “Big Apple” can take advantage of. Did you know the Hudson River Park Promenade is one of those outdoor places that offer views of the skyline and a nice bicycle path into Prospect Park? The best part is that this is free and tourists and natives, alike, do not have to pay to enjoy these views of Manhattan.

East River Bikeway – Have you ever wanted to get an island view of Manhattan? This bicycling path offers enthusiasts a great view of the skyline. If you want to see more of Manhattan, you can ride across the Brooklyn Bridge. If you need to rent a bicycle, you may want to stop by the Loeb Boathouse first.

New York Harbor – This may be just the place to see the ships come in, but it is also a good place to do some fishing. Did you know that there are many striped bass in the harbor and not far from the Hudson River? Striped bass are not the only fish residents or tourists can get, if they have luck to get a fish on their hook. There are also bluefish and false albacore.

Tompkins Square Park – This is a great quiet place for nature lovers to enjoy a competitive game of handball, basketball or challenge a friend to a duel, in Chess, that is. This park also has plenty of space for children to play on the play equipment.

Helicopter Rides – Sometimes, it is best to see things from another point of view and seeing things with plenty of fresh air can help provide a clear mind. It also makes for some great memories and aerial photography shots. You can explore Manhattan attractions from overhead.

Central Park – Did you know that this famous park makes up six percent of Manhattan? It also offers residents and tourists a place to unwind and have fun, such as the ice skating rink and the stages where summer concerts are held. However, there are plenty of walking trails in the park, too. With 843 acres of beauty, there is more than one garden to enjoy in Central Park. There is also the Loeb Boathouse. Did you know tourists and natives can rent boats for $15 an hour and an additional $3 for each additional 15 minutes? Weather permitting; tourists can also do a gondola for $30 for half hour. Life jackets are provided and children under 12 must be with an adult. All boat renters must also pay a $20 non-refundable deposit.