Shopping – Manhattan

Shopping is an adventure in Manhattan. There is a little of everything in Manhattan, from Chinatown to the higher priced store wares in Nolita. With so much variety, it may be difficult not to find what you are wanting. No matter whether you are looking for crafts, records, books or gourmet ingredients for that special leg of lamb, there may be few times you ever find a Manhattan store out of what you need. If you find shopping too tiring, you can always find a delicious meal in the Soho or Flatiron District.

Here is a look at some of the best places to shop in Manhattan.

Drama Book Shop – This bookshop sells books to hard-to-find play scripts. However, it is a place where you are bound to find many of Manhattan’s performers who walk the Broadway stage. This shop does not only have some of the works that are hard-to-find, but there are meet and greet book signings with notable authors (such as Eric Bogosian and Alan Cumming). For more information, visit:

Ricky’s – This drugstore has unusual items, such wigs in neon colors and hair bands in every shape you can imagine. It also has more than 80 hairbrushes. With such a large selection it may be hard to choose a style of hair brush, because clearly a hairbrush at this drugstore is more than just a hair brush. It is a good place for makeup artists to find the plastic pots and bottles. The younger crowd may come in for body glitter and hair extensions of many colors. For more information, visit:

Adidas Originals Store – It isn’t a secret Adidas has had its best sales between 1960 and the 1980s. Why choose a brand that may not seem all that popular today? Adidas have always made a very comfortable shoe. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the company once again had a popular shoe that was one of the best. When you think Adidas, the image of a jogging suit may be what comes to mind. However, the company does so much more these days than make jogging suits. Did you know they also make watches, handbags for women, motorcycle jackets in leather, and pants? The company also has partnerships with Missy Elliott, Muhammad Ali, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Pink Olive – If you are looking for something whimsical for a baby gift, this store will quickly be a favorite. It is true there are rare and reasonably priced items. Usually, these two words may not fit together in the same sentence. Remember the nursery rhyme Baa, baa, and black sheep? This store has a Ba, Ba black sheep pillow with the black sheep printed on the sheep-shaped pillow. It has everything you could possibly need almost from decor to the onesie made of organic materials. Did you know store staff stocks all the items you may not think should be include in any store that carries journals, notepads, envelopes, and many, many more items? This store also has many exclusive items, such as a banana bread soy candle. Moms may love this store has “Deal of the Week,” the snail mail fan club and a concierge service. For more information, visit: