Where can tourists and natives in Queens in New York City go for a fun weekend getaway? Memorialized in a song by the Ramones, Rockaway Beach offers surfers and swimmers ocean waters to surf. Did you know Rockaway Beach used to be a home in the 19th Century to the world’s largest hotel that stretched from Beach 110th Street to Beach 116th Street in Rockaway Park? Today, there are no hotels in the Rockaways.

However, Rockaway Beach is not the only outdoor location and place of recreation for New Yorkers. There are several outdoor spots, outdoor activities, and recreation areas in New York that New Yorkers can enjoy.

Birding in Jamaica Bay – With more than 9,000 acres for birds to fly free, this wildlife refuge is one of the best places to follow the migrating pattern of several birds as they leave for the season. One of the key places to see birds is along the Atlantic Flyway. Some of the birds you may see in Jamaica Bay are the Lesser Yellowlegs and the Piping Plover. The best time to see hundreds of types of birds is in the spring and late summer, beginning in April and to late July or August.

Ride the Carousel in the Park – Forest Park, designed by Frederick Olmstead in the 1890s, offers visitors plenty of fun outdoor options. However, there are trees and fields on the western side of the park, fun activities wait on the park’s eastern side. Built in 1903, this wooden carousel is a reminder of a time gone by.

Golfing – Still riding on the horses is not the only fun activity for tourists, there is also an 18-hole golf course on the park’s west side. Tee times can be reserved online at this par 70 course.

Hiking, mountain bicycling and horseback Riding – If you do not mind possibly getting a little dirt on your hands, off-road bicyclers can use the nature trails to see a side of Queens that is far from the busy highway. Another way Queens’s residents or tourists can better their health is to walk three different nature trails. There are easy trials that are only a half mile to a mile and over a half mile. Are you an animal lover? Why not spend some quality time with your favorite horse, riding seven miles of bridle trails. What if you do not have a stead? A trusty mount can still be hired at one of several stables.

Biggest woods of Oak in Queens
– Did you know that Forest Park is on the edge of a glacier that molded Island more than 20,000 years ago? With its mix of ridges and irregular gullies, the park’s terrain is known as being “knob and kettle.”

Outdoor activities to mark on a Calendar – There are many activities which Queens guests and residents may want to attend. Some considerations are The Arbor Day Festival, or the Halloween, a Victorian Christmas and many more battle reenactments.