Being the second largest borough, Queens in New York City has plenty to offer children of all ages. Whether you are shopping for the curry beef pies, the Chinese sweets (such as egg custards and airy sponge cakes), and pork buns at one of the bakeries in the Flushing neighborhood or looking for the best clothing deals on Jamaica Avenue, Queens offers tourists and natives the best bang for their buck.

Here are several places that you should stop at if you are shopping in Queens. Whether you are looking for jewelry or the odder purchases, Queens has shopping centers, open markets, and mom and pop shops to attract visitors and natives alike.

April Glass – Shopping can sometimes be overwhelming because all the decisions you must make during the day. However, stepping into this shop which focuses on featuring jewelry that has a positive “vibe,” may be relaxing. Some of the jewelry pieces may be repurposed, donated and transformed into new pieces of jewelry. But, jewelry isn’t the only item this eclectic gift shop offers. Visitors can also meditate, take part in a Reiki session, get a Tarot card reading or participate in a workshop that explains the cleansing power of a crystal. It is worth the trip to Sunnyside to get homemade soap, healing gems or find Zen. To explore all that April Glass has to offer, visit

Apna Bazar Cash and Carry – Isn’t it nice to be able to buy fresh vegetables that aren’t coated with pesticides? This cash and carry market is one of the well-kept secrets among Indian chefs. There is a wide selection of spices, tropical fruits, vegetables and yogurt. The best part is this bazaar will take plastic, MasterCard, Visa, or American Express.

Build It Green! NYC – It is billed as one of New York City’s nonprofit retail outlet where one can buy surplus and salvaged building materials. What types of building materials are offered in this retail outlet? Windows, doors, salvaged flooring from renovations and demolitions, cabinets, toilets, and even the kitchen sink is available for sale. Mistinted or mislabeled gallons of paint make their way onto shelves. Many of the goods come from the Upper East and West apartment renovations.

Comic’s Den – What do you get the comic book reader who seems to have everything for Christmas? Why not give the gift of a comic Christmas ornament? A mom and pop shop, this comic book store in Kew Gardens has back issues, toys, and books. If you cannot find what you are looking for, ask a staff member. If it is not in the store, this comic’s den will order what you want. Have you found the comic book to make your collection? It is a good thing that this small shop accepts MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.

Golden Mall – You may not look at the mall again when you see this mall has a sprawling food court. Guests can choose from their choice of hand-pulled noodles. Have you ever see a food court which featured almost all Chinese dishes? Not all the servers at these Chinese restaurants speak English, though many a Chinese menu is printed in English.