However, 12 million shoppers visit the mall; there are plenty of places of interest that tourists can spend money on this small island. From musical instruments to Happy Hour at The Drunken Monkey, there are opportunities to lighten the pocketbook. Where are the best places to shop when out for food, fun, etc.

Brownie’s Hobby Shop – Everyone needs a hobby. From craft tools to model airplane kits, this small hobby store is an enthusiast’s dream come true. From paint colors to model glue, this shop that has been a fixture on Staten Island for 40 years. If you are not into store a model on the shelf, there is a large selection of radio-controlled cars, planes and trains. If you need to special order or are looking for a particular part, the staff at this small hobby shop are very knowledgeable. Do you want to see how your radio controlled car stacks up to others? During the summer months, the shop sponsors races for radio-control car enthusiasts. For more information, visit or telephone, 718-727-2194.

Mandolin Brothers – See the music shop where Joni Mitchell, Paul McCarty, and others have visited. Whether you appreciate high-end acoustic guitars or simply want a ukulele or banjo to strum, Mandolin Brothers has a wide range of banjos, ukuleles, acoustic and electric guitars for sale. You may be able to find a great looking instrument for $500, but do not be surprised to see limited-edition items or collectibles starting at $500 and going up to more than $250,000. Do you simple need a re-stringing? Staff at Mandolin Brothers also offer expert instrument repair. For more information, visit

Saint George Greenmarket – For many people, shopping and getting something healthy to eat are two benefits in one. At this weekly, organic market, fresh produce is available from May to November. If you do not care for produce, this greenmarket also has meat, seafood, and local baked goods. Say goodbye to the meats with growth hormone, you can easily find grass-fed beef here. For more information about this market which opens from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.,

Lee’s Tavern – Are you ready to drop after several hours of shopping? Rest those tired legs by taking a seat at this tavern, which reportedly has the best pizza in Staten Island. It’s thin crust is said to be crispy, but not too overdone. It reportedly also has a good white sauce.

Staten Island Chamber of Commerce – Here visitors are welcomed year around and staff at the Chamber of Commerce can recommend which areas are a must-see. You may not have much time to shop, so picking the places to shop can help you possibly save money. Did you know that the friendly staff can suggest some of the best shops, where you might still be able to find a bargain? From musical instruments to a hobby shop, there is a little bit of something for everyone on Staten Island.