If you have never been to the ‘Big Apple,’ there are plenty of movies online, on store shelves’, and at the theatre to give you an impression of New York City. Many times, you never have to leave home. Here are some fun facts about movies that depict New York City at its finest”: movies past and present, even though some movies depicting the ‘Big Apple’ were not actually filmed in New York.

16 Blocks – This film supposed to be depicting New York City and was shot in Toronto, Canada. A drama about a police officer who must get his witness to a courtroom sixteen blocks, stars Bruce Willis and Mos Def. Filming was cheaper in Toronto, though the movie is said to have a New York City vibe.

Spider Man 2 – Starring Tobey Maguire, this film based on a Marvel character actually did have famous attractions in the movie. Many of the locations were actually filmed on location in New York, for example Peter Parker’s apartment in the film, was located at the real location of 187 Chrystie Street and Stanton Street in Manhattan. The historic Riverside Church on Riverside and West 120th Street, in Manhattan, is also featured in this 2004 film. Who can say Spiderman does not love New York or Joe’s Pizza?

The Seven-Year Itch – One of the most famous movies of all-time, it also featured some of the best footage of New York City’s Lexington Avenue that was never used. Filmed on a cold November night in 1954, a gust of wind from a passing subway train blew Marilyn Monroe’s skirt up and revealed her underwear during filming. Ironically, footage of Tom Ewell and Monroe lingering outside the Trans-Lux Theatre was scrapped, in favor of a sound stage.

Two Weeks’ Notice – This romantic comedy starring Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock might have been filmed in Toronto had producer and star, Sandra Bullock, not insisted a movie about New York “needs to be shot in New York City.” The movie helped the economy, after 9/11 hit the city hard and the Twin Towers fell. The famous restaurant scene with the boss and a newly hired Bullock eating at a restaurant was actually filmed in the Fraunces Tavern Museum at 54 Pearl Street and Broad Street in Manhattan. It also included other sights around New York City, such as the Fulton Ferry Pier, near the Brooklyn Bridge in Brooklyn.

Breakfasts at Tiffany’s – The open scenes in this movie were all filmed in New York City and it includes some of the best locations. The department store, Tiffany’s, is featured in the film and a very nervous Audrey Hepburn kept flubbing her lines while window-shopping at Tiffany’s, 727 5th Avenue and East 57th Street in Manhattan. The shooting outside Tiffany’s department window required Hepburn to stand on 5th Avenue early in the morning, around 6 a.m., and the black dress she wore for this iconic scene sold at an auction in 2006. The $807,000 black dress was the second most expensive piece of movie memorabilia ever sold.

Now You See Me – This 2013 film has a host of big-name actors, including Mark Ruffalo and Morgan Freeman. Did you know the movie also is the 900th film to be made in New York and take advantage of New York’s breathtaking bridge views? The film also features a cantilever bridge built in in 1909. With its beautiful architecture, the bridge connects the neighborhood of Long Island City with the borough of Queens and passes over Roosevelt Island. However, the cantilever bridge is not the only Manhattan location in the film. Characters in the movie also walked in Manhattan’s Times Square.

John Wick – Though not released yet, this 2015 action-thriller may appear to be a classic story of revenge. A retired hitman comes out of retirement to kill the gangsters who took the lives of his loved ones. Filming is taking place around New York City and Mill Neck in Long Island, New York. Though a rating has not yet been given to a film that is supposed to have brief drug use, it is also said to contain a jarring scene in the title character is carrying his dog’s lifeless body. Could this be his reason to seek revenge? This film is slated to be released in the Fall 2015.