If you want the best places to go in New York City, you may have to think outside the box. Called the “melting pot,” New York City is not just a city that has ethnic ties and restaurants that explore the family roots. It is also a city, which values history, great music, and all things that make New York City truly a unique.

Coney Island — Did you know the carousel that spins here is the last of two dozen that spun here? Last summer, the 100-year-old carousel returned after workers in Ohio spent six years restoring the facade. Intentionally misspelled with lettering that glows in the night to spell “carousel,” some amusement ride enthusiasts may see this ride as more something out of the Jetsons. However, no one can argue with lower $3 pricing and automated tunes from the Apollo Organ.

AMC 84th Street 6 — How is a movie theatre one of the best places to go in New York City? If it has the most comfortable seating and offers free-style Coca-Cola products, moviegoers may not mind forking over money for a ticket. With plush Lazy-Boy seating, it may be worth the $16 ticket to watch in complete comfort.

Best place for a Drink — Have you ever stepped into a new old saloon to get a cocktail? At P.J. Clarke’s owner, Doug Quinn, realized his dreams by owning a salon that reminded him of the Old West. Full of historic charm for its wooden floors and tin-painted burgundy ceiling, P.J. Clarke’s makes each guest feel special by being quick to serve up regular’s orders and making introductions between customers.

Central Park — If you want, places to go that are not major attractions (where you can get a better view of New York City); consider taking a romp in Central Park. Open after 6 a.m., you can easily rent a bicycle for several hours and ride one of the several bicycles on a route. Did you see the sailboats and the Alice and Wonderland Sculpture? If you work up an appetite bicycling around, you can enjoy ricotta pancakes or pumpkin waffles at Sarabeth’s Central Park South.

Gorge on Pizza — Under the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge is a fire-cooked pizza restaurant called Grimaldi. If you only have 24 hours, it is reason enough to try a pizza pie as New York City natives do. With Frank Sinatra tunes coming out of the jukebox, it is rumored that the actor was a huge fan of this pizza. It is said he had pies shipped to him in Las Vegas.

Empire State Building — One of the major tourist places in New York, the view from the 86th floor of the observation deck is panoramic. Featured in the film, “Sleepless in Seattle,” it is best to visit this main attraction at 8:30 a.m. alternatively, during lunch or dinner hours. Tickets may seem steep at $22 or $45 to get you past the lines of tourists, but it may be worth it to see the skyline.

Get your moves On — It may feel good to go to the weekly dance party on early Saturday evenings at P.S. 1. Located in what was once a school, this refurbished space offers visitors a great architectural structure. It is home to several masters of the modern world. James Turrell’s artwork has hung at PS 1.