New York City is home to the professional teams: the Mets, the Nets, the Knicks, the Rangers and the Giants, but did you also know the City is home to some of the lesser-known sports? Madison Square Gardens is home to the Professional Bull Riders events. Roughly, 700 tons of dirt is laid on the arena floor. If you do not mind watching a sport that can turn dangerous at any moment and riders must test not only their strength, than bull riding is a good sport to watch live. However, there may be plenty of other sports that are not so dangerous and they still allow you to feel a part of the action. For example, the squash tournaments played in Grand Central Terminal are played in on a court with glass sides. This allows audience members to feel a part of the action, even if they are 30 to 40 feet away.

From bull riding to baseball, here is a look at some of the sports that loyal New Yorkers follow and watch every year, including the pros to collegiate levels. There may even be a New Yorker playing on the team! Do not forget of the boroughs in New York can post they have a team, including the New York Islanders, the Sabres, the New York Liberty and others.

Mets – In the East Division, this professional baseball team is based in the New York City borough of Queens, New York. It was founded in 1962 to replace the Brooklyn Dodgers team and the New York Giants. The Giants were based in New York until their move to San Francisco and they became the San Francisco Giants. This major league baseball team is the only professional baseball team in New York. Tickets to games can be purchased by visiting the Mets website, or telephoning: 718-507-TIXX.

New York Knicks – A professional basketball team in New York City, the Knicks were once called to “knickerbockers” The team plans in the Manhattan borough and they are only one of two NBA teams that are located in the original city where they are founded. Did you know the Knicks have a rivalry with the New York Nets? It has been referred to as the rivalry between the Nets in Brooklyn and the Knicks in Manhattan. Knicks fans can choose between partial plan packages of 17, 9, and 8-game packages. Plans or individual games begin at $79. Depending on where in the stadium tickets are purchased, prices range from $12 to more than $3,200, for individual seating. Cost depends on if you get the nosebleed seats or you are sitting in on of the club’s box seating. For more on ticket prices, please visit:

New York Giants – A professional football team that is located in the New York City area. Members of both the Eastern Division National Football Conference and the National Football League, the Giants once move to San Francisco for at least a season before moving back to New York and then deciding to make their home in New Jersey. Though the Giants still claim New York City as home, at least one mayor has failed to extend a warm welcome. The team was denied a parade by one New York mayor, until 1991, when a different mayor threw the team a ticker parade. Tickets to the Giants’ games can be ordered by visiting

Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest – While it is not major league football or baseball, it is major league eating (as some call it). ESPN covers the event as men and women come together to compete at this Fourth of July event. Eaters try to see who can eat the most hot dogs in the fastest time. It can bring groups of people together as they root for their favorite food contestant to win. The winner has bragging rights for the most hot dogs eaten.

Empire State Building Run – This event is just as it sounds. A group of people get together to compete in this annual run. There are 86 stair levels, making it hard runners to beat out their competitions. Though it is not your typical-run-of-the bill contest, many contestants may compete in several smaller run, state, and state-sponsored events. Those who love to run, and want to build their speed, should compete in this event.

New York Rangers – This is the professional ice hockey team of New York City, which claims the Manhattan borough as home. They are members of the Metropolitan Conference in the Eastern Conference Division. The team is one of the oldest in the NHL, as they joined in 1926 as an expansion franchise. Said to have been cursed at one point because a coveted Stanley Cup win eluded the team, the curse was lifted in 1994. The team won the Stanley Cup for the fourth time in the history of the team. Tickets for Ranger games may be purchased at:

New York Nets – Named second in the Atlantic division, the Nets call the borough of Brooklyn home. Known by their mascot, a silver fox named Sly, the team at one point was a member of the American Basketball Association and the National Basketball Association. However, the team was not always a NBA member. In 1976, the team was accepted in during an ABA and NBA merger. Prior to having a fox for a mascot, the team had a friendly dragon and two years ago, tried to introduce a new superhero called Brookly Knight. Basketball fans did not warm up to the idea of having a knight for a mascot and the superhero mascot was dropped. However, it has not dimmed the fans enthusiasm for the game or joining in the continuing rivalry between the Nets and the Knicks. If fans need tickets, they can buy them at