Where’s the best place to eat in New York? It may be from one of the many food trucks around New York City that sell hamburgers for under $12 and allow you to add the extra toppings wanted. It may be a far cry from the $132 plate average at some of New York’s swankiest and best restaurants. But, New York City has so much more to offer food lovers than meets the eye no matter which borough you live in. Here is a look at 10 of the best places to eat, a true smorgasbord of choices.

  1. Fritzl’s Lunch Box – Say hello to a 6 oz. beef patty made of chuck and ground beef.Topped with a fresh bun and extra sharp cheddar tucked underneath, these hamburgers will fill you up. While the two beefs are the stars of this burger, the homemade relish and charred miso aioli is a nice touch. The creation of Fritzl owner and chef, Dan Ross-Leutwyler, this $10 burgers, plus $1 for cheese are worth a wait in line.
  2. Sake Bar Decibel – Billed as New York City’s original sake bar on 9th Street, this bar serves over 100 different kinds of Sake and is as close to Japan as any New Yorker can get without getting on an airplane. From unfiltered sake to unique hot and cold varieties of sake, there is a favorite for anyone. Even if you aren’t crazy about sake, the bar also has an impressive food menu, written in the English equivalent of the Japanese word for those who don’t speak Japanese. Enjoy the sesame chicken with four kinds of cheese, a salmon salad and an edamame for starters. Cleanse the palate with a bowl of dark chocolate or caramel gelato and a cheese mushi cake. If you plan to visit this bar that seems to transport you into a speakeasy, remember no reservations are accepted. But, they do accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
  3. The Chocolate Bar – Did someone say Chocolate? This isn’t your ordinary chocolate candy store. It’s for adults. In New York’s West Village, the brownies are well worth the wait. They have been entered and emerged winners in more than 10 contests. Built by hand and made to order, they look dark and chocolatey enough. If you are going to go for the chocolate, go all in and ask about the Fatties: The Fatty Box includes two kinds of every type of big chocolate bar offered, including the Fatty Bar, Scooter, PBJ, and Salted Peanut bars. At $19.50, it comes with a big orange bow. If you aren’t in the mood for a large amount of chocolate, try the 8th Wonder of the World with an 8-piece chocolate box for $12.
  4. Jean-Georges – Enjoy French cuisine that is said to offer sophisticated surprises. From Skuna Bay Salmon to parsnip soup, Jean-Georges offer guests dishes from around the world. One of the sophisticated surprises is Roasted Sweetbreads, a pairing of licorice, grilled pear, and lemon. It is well worth the $24 a plate at this restaurant that offers fine dining. The Taste of Autumn is only $48 for two. The restaurant’s wine list is equally impressive. Never tried caviar before, Egg caviar is only $158 to try some of the season’s best dishes. For those with a sophisticated palette to match and a love of French cooking, Jean-Georges is one of New York City’s best places to eat.
  5. Anelia – This restaurant which skips the frills, but offers familiar favorites is well worth going out of your way from Manhattan to the Greenpoint area of Brooklyn. With its relaxed vibe, the cook nails classics such as ricotta and seared pork chops. It also is easier on the pocketbook than some of New York City’s other trendy eats where a plate doesn’t cost $158.
  6. Ma Peche – Offering modern cuisine, you could eat at this New York City gem and never at the same thing two days in a row. There is good reason. The menu changes every day, but the raw bar is the perfect place to start. Try the striped bass with mussels and cabbage, or the niman Ranch with sour cream, sweet onion and potato. Known for its Vietnamese and French cuisine, “Mother Peach” doesn’t have the fancy tablecloths. But, it does let diners get to know each other at communal tables. With a number of delightful dishes on the menu, be forewarned that your bill could run you $85 and you still will not get any dessert.
  7. Karam – This small eatery on 4th Avenue in Brooklyn offers the best lemony-garlic sauce or toum to accompany the chicken shawarma. If you are craving garlic, it is also reasonably priced for Middle Eastern fare. How can anyone say “no” to a spit-roasted chicken rolled in a pita and smooshed into a sandwich press?
  8. Café de la Esquina – Where can you find one of the hippest restaurants in Brooklyn that is willing to take the requests of locals and turn them into some of the best Mexican dishes in New York City? At the Cafe de la Esquina diners can enjoy the traditional Mexican fare or have the chef create a spin on the some of the classics, such as a “hamburguesa” or hamburger topped with chipotle mayo, avocado, and jalapenos.
  9. Paulie Gee’s – No list of New York’s best places to eat could ever be complete without including at least one pizza place. New York City is a place that is known for having the best pizza and PaulieGiannone makes sure you are treated to a cheesy feast of epic proportions. What is not to like about eating a doughy, flaky crust, topped with prosciutto, bing cherries and orange-blossom honey. If you aren’t a meat eater, no worries. For $10, you won’t miss meat when you eat the “Simply Red” Vegan Pie. Topped with fennel sausage and ricotta made from cashews, this vegan pie comes with several other alternatives for only a few extra bucks on Greenpoint Avenue.
  10. Nick’s Pizza – Don’t let anyone tell you all the best pizza places are in Brooklyn because the Queens have Nick’s. Though this pizza place isn’t new and their pies aren’t doled up with honey, they are thrown in a brick oven. It’s a pizza place where you can find the basics: Pepperoni, sausage, cheese, meatball, and even you are feeling especially fancy, broccoli rabe or prosciutto. At 16.50 a pie, plus $2.50 to $4 for toppings, prices are not outrageously high at Nick’s Pizza.