Did you know that in the state of New York, once a business has its professional license, there is no need to worry about that licensing becoming null after a few years? While this may not be said of other states, New York offers business owners professional licenses for life. Once a professional license is earned and a company has a professional title, a license is considered “good” until it is revoked, annulled or suspended by the Board of Regents.

While licenses are good for several years, from one year to more than three years before licenses must be renewed. Which type of professional licenses you have may determine when and how often your license must be renewed. Fees to renew a professional license range from a $50 to $200 application fee, a renewal fee of $50, a written exam of $15, and fingerprinting fee and/or employee statement for $84.95. However, the fees to obtain a new license may vary. The cost of licensing fees may vary, depending on the type of license. To find how much it may cost to obtain a license, look here.

E fingerprinting

Did you know there are a number of professions that may require employees to undergo fingerprinting certification as part of the employee hiring process? These jobs may require potential employees to undergo e fingerprinting before they are hired.

  • Security guards
  • Armored Car Carriers
  • Private Investors
  • Watch Guard or Patrol Agencies
  • Bail Enforcement Agents
  • Coin Processors
  • Security or Fire Alarm Installers
  • Document Destruction Collectors

All fingerprinting is done electronically and provided by IDentoGo by Morphotrust USA. There are two things employees must remember: Fingerprinting should be done electronically, with rolling fingerprints. Appointments should not be scheduled throughout the fingerprinting website without an appointment. Professionals should also make sure that they are applying for the correct license type and order ORI number. To order, contact www.identogo.com.

Before coming for an appointment, make certain you have the appropriate form “Request for NYS Fingerprinting Services Information Form.” You should also complete the information form and bring a printed copy to the fingerprinting appointment, along with personal identification. Once you complete the fingerprinting, you will receive two receipts. Payment for fingerprinting should be made by check, money order or credit card and payable to: Morphotrust USA.

Why do you need two receipts?

A copy of your receipt must be mailed to the NYS Department of State as proof fingerprinting has been completed, along with the completed application, application fee, and approximate fees on the application. The second copy of your fingerprinting receipt for your employer. Receipts for fingerprinting are valid for five months and if you do not submit an application within this timeframe, you will have to complete the fingerprinting process again. Paperwork may be mailed to the NYS Department of State at this address and information is available about some licensing fees.

Renewing licenses Online

Appearance enhancement and barber licenses should be renewed online. For instruction and information on how to apply is to visit this address. The date your license expires is printed on the license and license renewal may be completed three months in advance. If you do not have an online account to renew a license, you will receive a notice by mail, three months prior to your license expiring. Once an online account is created and a record claimed, professionals can login and renew their licenses.

How much does it cost to renew a license according to which professional license you are renewing. Fees to renew vary and additional fees may be applicable. Here is a list of the various fees that are charged to get an original license or to renew. If businesses or professionals need help setting up their accounts, they can visit here. If you have question about filing or renewing an application for a professional license or are a business and have questions about filing an LLC, occupation, or business license, please visit here.