Did you know the state of New York first began recording deaths in 1880-1881? They also began making a record of births, divorces, and marriages. Nevertheless, these local boards of health often were not reliable in 1880 and many birth, death, marriage, and death records were lost. Until 1913, this policy was not adopted in this matter and these records became a rule, rather than exception.

Ordering through the correct Venues

What some New Yorkers may not realize is that birth records are not available through the New York State Department of Health. They must be purchased through Vitalchek, a company that handles New York City’s birth and death records. It is best to keep in mind birth certificates need to be notarized and ID must be included with the request. If you are getting a birth certificate for a dead relative, it must be done in person or by mail. Did you know it is easy to order birth and death certificates for New York City residents who were born or died from 1910 to the present? Requests can also be made for records earlier than 1910.

Online may be fastest way to get Records

Ordering online will ensure vital records are delivered quickly. Did you know you could get a New York City death certificate faster if you do not need to know the cause of death? It usually takes 10 days to process all requests, including mail, or in-person orders. Do you have a right to get a record? You may have to document your right to get a death record, for example, if you are not family or a spouse to the deceased.

If you do not know where to send the payment for birth or death certificates or where to order marriage licenses, it can delay you getting much-needed documents on time. For example, marriage certificates are issued through the city clerk in New York City.

Special considerations for marriage Records

Marriage records that are less than 50 years must meet the following criteria. They must be a spouse, have written notarized authorization from a spouse, have a judicial or other purpose. If you are purchasing a record for another person, the marriage record will be mailed to the other person’s address (given, you provide a sworn statement). Attorneys may need a marriage record for legal proceedings. Marriage records can also be issued to you if you can provide a record of both spouses’ death certificates.

Records for Spouses?

Spouses need the proper identification and to pay the fee to receive records. Spouses may need to verify the date and location of their marriage and location of the office where they first obtained their license.

When both spouses have died, a marriage record can be obtained by anyone presenting both parties original death certificates, proper ID, and the fee payment by credit card or money order. Marriage records are $30 for a record. For priority handling, there is another $15 fee, bringing the cost to $45. The cost for birth and death records are said to cost $15 each.

Divorce records aren’t issued by Vitalchek

It is the only records that may be obtained directly from the New York Department of Health. Did you know, however, that there are two types of divorce records? There is a divorce decree, which sets forth the conditions of the divorce. A judge usually signs the order. For divorces, which occurred before 1963, this might be the only record available.

The second document is a divorce certificate, which the spouses filed with the New York Department of Health after Dec. 31, 1962. Did you know that receiving certificates of birth records, death records, marriages, and divorces is are not public records that everyone can have access to, even if they do not have the needed legal documents to obtain such records?

How quickly can customers get their birth, death, divorce, or marriage Certificates?

Depending on what type of certification is ordered, customers may receive their order in five days to up to13 weeks in the United States. Requests that are made from overseas may take longer. Request made online and in person usually take less time to fill than request made through the mail.

Prices for records vary from $15 to $45, depending on whether priority shipping and handling is needed. Keep in mind that Vitalchek may only ship records to addresses that are not P.O. Boxes and orders that are made with verified credit card information.