Are you registered to vote in the 2014 elections? In order to register to vote in person or by mail, a voter has to download the website application, call 1 800 vote NYC, and a registration form will be mailed to you. But, mail isn’t the only way get a registration form. They are found in the library, post offices and many New York Government agencies. Once a voter form has been filled out using black or blue pen, it can be mailed to: Board of Elections, City of New York, 32 Broadway, 7 FL, in New York, New York, 10004-1609.

Who should you vote for? Did you know that in the state of New York, you may claim a party affiliation. You do not have to though and the party affiliations are Democrat, Republican, Conservative, Green, Independence, and Working Families. Did you know before you can vote in any state or federal election held in New York City, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Be a U.S.Citizen or from Guam, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Be 18 by Dec. 31st in the year that you will be voting.
  • You cannot be on parole for a felony conviction or in prison.
  • You must be mentally competent to vote and,
  • You cannot have voted anywhere else or claim the right to do so.

You must register 25 days before the next election in order to be able to vote and absentee-voter registration must be received by mail not later than seven days before the election. Those who cannot make it to the polls in New York City on election day should register to vote as an absentee voter. Voters can register to vote by: mail, online, or in person, but they cannot telephone in their vote. Did you know that you can vote through the DMV Office website, online? However before using this option, all personal information on vehicle registrations must be current before voters may register online. If you need to change your address or name in New York, you can easily update this information online instead of having to visit the DMV Office in person. Whether you submit your registration online, in person, or by mail, please be aware that digitally signed registration forms or those which use Adobe software to sign forms will not be permitted. The New York Board of Elections only takes hand-signed registrations.

What you need to know if you are outside of New York City or you do change your Address?

If you are out-of-state, you can register to vote online NYS Board of Elections website and one of these three things must be true: 1) You are a uniformed service member, spouse, or dependent. 2) You are a U.S Citizen who is temporarily out-of-the-state or 3) You are a permanent U.S. Citizen who is permanently out-of-the-country. You should tell the Board more than 25 days before an election so you do not lose your right to vote.

If you move outside New York City, you will need to update your address with the New York County Board of Elections. You can mail your registration to the Board of Elections. Remember to update your registration early if you do change your county or address. You must have your registration to the Board of Elections 20 days before a special, primary, or general election to vote for candidates if you do change your address. The timeframe increases to 25 days if you are changing your party affiliation before a general election.