Pack up your family and friends for a day at Alley Pond Park, the one-in-one Queens park that features tennis and handball courts, soccer and baseball fields, playgrounds, hiking, and jogging trials, and an adventure course.

From the moment the sun rises, you’ll see people jogging, walking their dogs, practicing tai chi, bird watching, and more. Paved paths and hiking trails wind around the park, under the shade of oak and beech trees, and wind around marshes and kettle ponds.

The park’s Nature Center offers Park Ranger-led classes for children and adults, where you can learn about animal preservation and the environment. The center also has a number of caged reptiles and snakes, a small gift shop, and an area where families can book children’s birthday parties.

The Alley Pond Adventure Course is an outdoor program that fosters trust, problem-solving, and team-building by using an intricate rope course. The Adventure program features both low- and high-rope course activities that are based on physically and intellectually demanding situations. Through a series of obstacles, participants must work together to develop solutions. Each obstacle focuses on a character trait like self-confidence, communication, cooperation, trust, and leadership. A highly trained course facilitator guides each group through the course.

The Alley Pond Park Adventure Course also includes a zip-line, a climbing and bouldering wall, a trust fall station, swings, nets, and leap and balance platforms. Low elements take place on the ground or on cables suspended a few inches off the ground. High elements are constructed with utility poles and require a helmet, harness, and belay system for safety. Challenges may be physical, emotional, or intellectual. It is the largest challenge course in the metropolitan region, and is considered the most state-of-the-art challenge course in the United States, and is open by appointment only.