The Bronx Zoo is one of the best zoological parks in the world and reaches over 265 acres of beautifully-constructed parkland where thousands of animals from throughout the world are provided with state-of-the-art zoological care.

As a premier conservation center on the East Coast, the Bronx Zoo is entertaining and educational, and has been a family favorite for generations. Extraordinary exhibits like the Congo, Bengali Express Monorail, Jungleworld, Tiger Mountain, Baboon Reserve, and Himalayan Highlands have earned the zoo TripAdvsior’s 2014 Travelers’ Choice Award.

The Bronz Zoo is arguably the best zoo in the United States. As a Wildlife Conservation Society project, the zoo has redesigned the exhibits to both protect and breed its endangered species. The zoo is quite impressive, particularly the gorilla forest, polar bears, and the train that passes through multiple animal exhibits on which you can relax and enjoy the ride.
There are many places to eat are throughout the zoo. The Dancing Crane Cafe which has wonderful decor and the largest selection of food choices, however it is pricey. There are ample chairs and benches available to rest or enjoy a snack or drink, and you’ll love the beautiful peacocks that roam freely throughout the park. In fact, the grounds are so pleasant, spacious and beautiful—you’ll forget that you’re in the middle of a city.

Wednesday is the zoo’s most visited day as admission is free. Visitors who plan to travel to the zoo on any other day should consider purchasing the zoo’s “Total Experience” ticket which covers all of the activities at the zoo for a reduced price.
The zoo’s exhibits include:


– A 6.5 acre faithful re-creation of an African rainforest that is home to okapi, Red river hogs, mandrills, one of the largest groups of gorillas in captivity, fish, snakes, birds and monkeys.

Bengali Express Monorail

– A narrated monorail journey through various Asian habitats such as Indian Rhino, deer, Asian wild horses, and tigers.


– An indoor re-creation of Southeast Asia, home to gibbons, langurs, Malayan tapir, leopards and tree kangaroos.

Tiger Mountain

– A large exhibit home to Siberian Tigers and their large swimming pool

Baboon Reserve

– A large exhibit that is a re-creation of an African village and is home to two large troops of Gelada baboons, and also Nubian Ibex and Rock Hyrax.

Himalayan Highlands

– A lushly planted and naturalistic habitat that is home to snow leopards, red pandas, and cranes.