Of the Brooklyn Bridge, American cowboy hero Will Rogers (1879-1935) has said, “I would rather be the man who bought the Brooklyn Bridge, than the man who sold it.”

Since its construction in 1883, the Brooklyn Bridge has captured the hearts and minds of Americans throughout the country who have marveled at its sophisticated design and engineering. It seems that as time passes, the bridge’s popularity continues. Each year, more than 1.5 million people visit the bridge, and in 2014, it was honored with TripAdvisor’s Travelers’ Choice Award.

One of the best-known symbols of New York City, the Brooklyn Bridge links Manhattan and Brooklyn across the East River, and is a marvel of design and function. Join the many walkers, cyclists and roller-bladers and enjoy the view from the bridge for one of the most magnificent skyline views in the city. You’ll see stunning views of Manhattan and Brooklyn, as well as the Manhattan and Williamsburg Bridges make this a memorable experience.

The bridge is safe, and has a well-maintained pedestrian path; however, be sure to stay in your lane if you are walking or cycling as there two lanes that have been delineated for this purpose and the bridge can become congested fairly quickly. Since it is a 1.3 mile walk, plan to spend at least an hour in each direction, so you have enough time to capture the wonderful views over the East River.

One of the most popular photo locations on the Brooklyn Bridge is on the Brooklyn-side archway. Position yourself on the southwest corner (closest to the Statue of Liberty) to shoot a picture of your friends and family against the Manhattan skyline. Of course, any shot under either one of the bridge arches is also fantastic, and you may very well see bridal parties or other groups doing the same.

Another great photo can be taken at the mid-point on the bridge on the harbor side, allowing you to frame your subject against the sky, water, and skyscrapers. Perhaps, Brooklyn’s most popular photo setting is in front of the historic Brooklyn Bridge sign which are located at either end (arch) of the bridge. From these vantage points, you may even catch some of Statue of Liberty, Manhattan Bridge, Empire State Building, and Chrysler Building.