The Brooklyn Children’s Museum is a wonderful family-fun place that remarkably houses more than 20,000 kid-friendly cultural artifacts and natural history specimens, live plants and animals, and award-winning exhibitions.

Winner of TripAdvisor’s 2014 Certificate of Excellence, the Brooklyn Children’s Museum creates an environment where your child, no matter what his or her age, can learn something at every turn. Located a few blocks off of Eastern Parkway and not far from the Brooklyn Museum of Art, the Brooklyn Children’s Museum offers a wide range of interesting, hands-on activities for kids in a well-designed space.

The museum has a wide range of cultural artifacts (man-made objects, both ancient and modern, including sculptures, masks, and dolls, as well as everyday household and personal items, such as baskets and combs) and natural science specimens (including minerals, fossils, and mounted birds, mammals, and insects).

Interactive displays challenge visitors to explore objects in new ways, such as using only sense of touch to identify a hidden artifact. Children hunt for object details to solve a six-sided photo puzzle and play a specimen matching game, giving clues to help a partner identify the right rock from a group of minerals.

The museum also features animals (iguana, turtles, fish), a sand box, garden, shops, a play pizzeria and grocery store, and more. The toddler area (older kids are not allowed to enter) features a handicraft area, water to play with, and more. The museum’s cafeteria makes it a perfect place for the family to spend the day, and its specialized birthday celebrations can make any birthday a learning experience that kids and parents will love.

The Sensory Room is an inclusive space where children with special needs can engage and explore their senses. The interactive equipment provides a multisensory experience with visual, auditory, tactile, vestibular, and gross motor activities.

The museum offers ongoing exhibits strive to help children consider their role in their families and in society. Two upcoming exhibits include Next Stop: Brooklyn/Dakar, a joint project between Brooklyn Children’s Museum and Imagination-Afrika in Dakar, Senegal; and IPlayNet, a project designed to learn about and enhance children’s play experiences at home and in their everyday lives.