Surrounded by the waters of the Long Island Sound and Eastchester Bay , and just one mile long, City Island is home to New York City’s nautical community .

With incredible views of the Long Island Sound, and what seems like an endless number of boats in the water, City Island is guarded by Execution Lighthouse to the northeast and Stepping Stones Lighthouse to the south, making it seem more like a fishing town than Bronx neighborhood.

The island contains a number of yacht clubs, marinas, boatyards, and seafood restaurants. Small fishing boats are available to rent in season, and larger fishing boats depart daily almost all year round. The island has four yacht clubs including the Harlem Yacht Club, Stuyvesant Yacht Club, City Island Yacht Club, and Morris Yacht and Beach Club; as well several commercial marinas. It is also home to the Columbia University Sailing Team and Fordham University’s Sailing Team. In fact, much of City Island’ s rich nautical history has been preserved by the Historical Society and Museum which is open on Sunday afternoons only.

Quiet and secluded, there’s one main street (City Island Avenue) that traverses the entire island. Here, the assortment of shops and restaurants are reminiscent of a small New England or East End Long Island fishing town. Cyclists also find City Island an appealing destination; there are a number of bike paths leading to and from the island. It is a great day-long trip, complete with antique shops, dining, and great water views.

While it is true that you may have better-prepared seafood in a Manhattan restaurant, you certainly will not be able to enjoy it on a deck overlooking the peaceful Long Island Sound. A few favorite restaurants include the Lobster House, the Crab Shanty, Tony’s Pier, Don Coqui (delicious coquitini’s), City Island Diner, and delicious ice cream at the Ice Cream Shop. Le Refuge Inn, the only accommodation on the island, serves French cuisine, though you’ll find that the majority of restaurants on City Island are seafood or Italian.

Unfortunately, the size of the island makes traffic jams unavoidable during summer weekends and holidays as many Bronx residents come to the island for a change of pace, extraordinary views, and sunsets. City Island is easily accessible by public transportation. Take the #6 subway to Pelham Bay Park on the outer edge of the Bronx, then, take the bus to City Island. The bus ride is short and takes you through the lovely park which is amazing in itself. Get off at the last stop on the Island for a lovely day’s outing.