Staten Island’s wooden FDR Boardwalk stretches for 2.5 miles and stretches from Fort Wadsworth to the War Memorial that takes visitors past Ocean Breeze Fishing Pier and Turtle Fountain, and features parks, ball fields, benches and picnic tables, and a number of children’s playgrounds.

With so many different kinds of people walking the boardwalk, you’ll have a different experience each time you visit. Start you walk near Father Capodanno Boulevard and Sand Lane, to see the Boardwalk’s historical signs throughout the 2.5 pathway that tells visitors about the history of the area.

The boardwalk itself is beautiful and clean, and it is perfect for running, walking, bicycle riding, or dog walking. With free parking, public bathrooms, and water fountains; the boardwalk offers everything from restaurants, ball parks, and a catering hall. Whether you listen to the live music at South Finn Grill, grab an Italian ice Uncle Louie G’s, or stop to watch kayakers or a wedding on the beach. Additionally, parking is free. Each July, the City of Staten Island hosts a Back-to-the Boardwalk Night with music and activities that are great for all ages.
The Boardwalk runs along a wide beach, dotted with wooded and bushy areas, and Staten Island’s high-clay content beach gives the sand its signature orange hue. Visitors who like to fish should walk south to the new Ocean Breezes fishing pier. Walking out on the beautifully designed fishing pier and talking to the fisherman there is a real treat.

The boardwalk offers a scenic walk, with wonderful views of the bay, Verrazano Bridge and the Freedom Tower in the distance, an even a bocce court nearby. In fact, the view of the Verrazano Bridge is always spectacular, and changes as the sun begins to set. The ocean’s constantly changing mood, the ships at sea, and local boats create a sense of peace and tranquility. Due to Hurricane Sandy, a good portion of the beach is under construction; however, throughout the summer, the boardwalk has Sunset Family Festivals with music and family activities including fireworks.