The Museum of the Moving Image is the country’s only museum dedicated to the art, history, and technology of cinema and of the moving image from Hollywood classics and children’s movies, to gaming programs.

. in all its forms. The Museum is a one-of-a-kind destination for audiences of all ages and interests, from connoisseurs of classic cinema to children and families to avid gamers.

The Museum explores every phase of the production of moving images from the optical toys of the 1800’s to the latest in digital art. Exhibits are engaging and interactive, allowing visitors to learn, view, and participate in the museum’s more than 130,000 artifacts related to film and television. These include licensed merchandise, technical apparatus, still photographs, design materials, costumes, and games; as well as fan magazines and marketing materials of all kinds. The museum also features contemporary and classic films from around the world; classes with leading actors, directors and producers; changing exhibitions; and groundbreaking online projects.

Behind the Screen is the museum’s core exhibition is a one-of-a-kind experience that allows visitors to participate in the creative and technical process of producing films, television shows, and digital entertainment. Throughout the exhibit’s second and third floor space, you’ll learn the skills, material resources, and artistic decisions that go into making moving images.

The exhibition features approximately 1,400 artifacts including historic film and television cameras, projectors, television sets, sound recording equipment, costumes, set design sketches and models, make-up, and video arcade and console games. You can see makeup used on the stars of Sex in the City, a mechanical prop used in Black Swan, and molds used during the creation of a King Kong action figure.

Kids will love seeing the real Yoda from the Star Wars films, as well as having the opportunity to make stop-motion animations, add sound effects and music to famous movie scenes, and star in a personalized flipbook. The museum offers drop-in studio sessions on Saturdays for young visitors. Together with museum educators, kids can create flipbooks, thaumatropes (hand-drawn optical toys), stop-motion and computer animations, and video games.