The New York Transit Museum is the largest museum in the United States devoted to urban public transportation history and features exhibitions and tours on the history of public transportation.

Housed in a historic 1936 subway station at the corner of Schermerhorn Street and Boerum Place in Brooklyn Heights, the New York Transit Museum has grown in popularity in the 25 years it has been in existence, earning it TripAdvisor’s 2014 Certificate of Excellence.

The museum is surprisingly comprehensive, covers over an entire underground block, and features information on the development of subways, buses, and trains. Visitors and transit buffs love the old subway cars from as far back as 1900 and feature iconic advertising from the era that each car was developed. Most interesting are the exhibits on the original construction of the New York subway system. Lucky visitors will have an opportunity to participate in the train-driver simulator, a limited time workshop that has become a favorite of 9- and 10-year-olds.

As the custodian of New York’s extensive public transportation network, the Museum strives to share its rich and vibrant history with local, regional, and international audiences. This “hands-on” museum gives kids an opportunity to touch and explore the trains, take the steering wheel of a bus, and see how all the parts of the subway system connect. Adults will get a great overview of the history of American train design in the past 100 years.

The gift shop has unique transit related toys and books where you can pick up great gifts for children including wooden subway cars. Take a few minutes to log onto the museum’s website to learn more about upcoming workshops and special events that will enhance your experience. This museum is a perfect complement to a “Brooklyn Day” when visiting New York; however, pack water and travel light, like all subway stations, the facility is not air-conditioned.

New York Transit Museum workshops for kids and the young-at-heart include:

Virtual Hudson Line Tour – Experience a virtual train ride on Metro-North Railroad’s Hudson Line in the Museum’s R42 Screening Room. Sights and sounds rush past your windows, and some visitors will become conductors, ticket punchers and station announcers as we tell stories and speed along the tracks on a magical journey north!

Subway Sounds – The Museum’s Platform level becomes a musical journey for musicians to play a few numbers in our vintage subway cars and we want you to groove along with us.

,strong>Journey to the Past – Willie Maeby, a conductor from the 1920’s, will show his favorite subway car, the BMT Standard, sharing his experiences of working on the railroad and recapturing the magic of subway travels from long ago. Performance is 30 minutes.

MAP NYC: ABC 123 – There are 24 subway lines and over 200 bus lines in New York City. Create your own personalized map of the city with existing routes and new subway and bus lines imagined by you!

Around the World by Train – World’s Fairs throughout the ages have showcased the diversity of people, places, and ideas; and celebrated our dreams to travel faster, more safely, and farther than ever before. We’ll look at how travel has been featured in World’s Fairs and then we’ll create our own sketch books to record predictions about travel in the future.

Fantastic Tunnels – What do engineers discover as they dig deep underground to build New York’s newest train tunnels 160 feet below Grand Central Terminal? Find out, and then create and illustrate your own fantastic book about what you might find beneath Manhattan’s ancient rock.