This small, but well-loved, zoo is operated by the Wildlife Conservation Society and features more than 400 animals including sea lions, wallabies, red pandas, snakes and prairie dogs.

Prospect Park Zoo’s 12 acres are situated within the heart of Brooklyn, just steps from Flatbush Avenue. You can roam the lush gardens and scrubland of Discovery Trail, visit farm animals, or head inside to meet nocturnal critters and our troop of Hamadryas baboons. Prospect Park is very beautiful and you can find a number of things to do in the area including visits to the park’s fountain, playground, and neighborhood Park Slope restaurants. Although the zoo is small, it is well-maintained, clean and attractive, and offers about two hours of relaxed touring to complete.

With hens, turkeys, and toucans, as well as sea lions, monkeys and baboons, the Prospect Park Zoo is a beautiful green space with well-tended flowers that make it a perfect place to calm city-weary kids who need to escape the hot sun or rain. The small size also makes it a great size for an afternoon or morning activity when you don’t have enough time to visit the Central Park or Bronx Zoo. There is an area where you can pretend to be a turtle, spider, or frog; and you can watch the sea lion and barn animal feedings. Don’t forget to bring a half-dollar, so you can feed the fish!

Be sure to check the zoo’s website for an updated schedule of Zookeeper Chats, sea lion feedings, sheep shearing, and other activities that are happening each week. Like most places in New York, the Prospect Park Zoo does not offer public parking, so try to take public transportation if possible.

The Zoo features a number of pavilions where visitors can view the animals and learn about their habitats and behaviors:

Animal Lifestyles Pavilion – A troop of Hamadryas baboons will entertain you with their antics. You’ll also learn about animal habitats from treetops to mountains to flooded forests.

Animals in Our Lives Pavilion,/strong> – Two exhibits, Animals in Art and Amazing Animals, highlight some of nature’s muses. Discover the amazing adaptations that animals use to attract mates, warn predators away, and survive in varied environments. Observe animals closely and draw your own animal-inspired artwork.

Discovery Trail – You’ll walk through lush gardens, marshes, and scrubland, where red pandas, dingoes, otters, prairie dogs, and kangaroos live. Young trailblazers can experience firsthand various types of animal habitats, locomotion, and senses.

Barn & Garden – Babydoll sheep, pygmy goats, and alpacas are some of the friendly animals you’ll find here. Beside the barn, a picturesque garden with a waterfall, wooden bridge, and pond attracts local ducks and butterflies.

Sea Lion Court – At the heart of the park, bark hello to California sea lions and relax on the terrace. Three daily feeding demonstrations for the Zoo’s noisiest residents make the sea lion pool one of our most popular attractions.