The Staten Island 9-11 Postcards Memorial is a powerful monument that honors the memory of Staten Island’s fallen firefighters, police officers, and every day citizens who lost their lives on September 11, 2001 at attack of the World Trade Center towers in New York City.

Designed as two postcards bearing the etched faces and names of Staten Island’s lost heroes, the memorial is designed as two postcard walls angled so they give the appearance of the wings of an eagle. When visitors look through the space between the wings, they see the Freedom Tower standing in the place where the two towers once stood before the devastating tragedy.

The memorial is located on the water, and is easily accessible by a short walk from the ground level of the Staten Island Ferry’s St. George Terminal. There is no line or entrance fee, as the memorial stands for all to come and observe, reflect, and pay respect to those that lost their lives on 9-11. The memorial’s location on the water provides a serene quality to the site, and the landscaping and walkway design adds to the peaceful tribute to those Staten Island residents who lost their lives.

You can reach Staten Island by taking the Staten Island Ferry from the South Ferry terminal on South Street at Whitehall Street in Lower Manhattan. The ferries are free and operate around the clock, usually three times hourly, and the ride takes about 25-30 minutes. On a clear day, the trip across the Hudson River and the Upper Bay offers some great views of the New York and New Jersey skylines. Upon arrival at St. George Terminal, walk northwest toward a paved walking path that follows the shoreline and Bank Street. The short walk will take you past the outfield of the Staten Island Yankees baseball stadium.

Every visitor to Staten Island should make the time to visit this poignant memorial whose design and very existence is a necessary transport back to the horrific day. Though it will be emotionally difficult, it is important for anyone who appreciates democracy and the great freedoms afforded by the United States, to visit and experience the solemnity of the memorial and its place in the U.S. history. The memorial is well-maintained, and each September 11th, the city holds an emotionally powerful ceremony to honor the fallen heroes by reading their names and inviting family members and area politicians and civic leaders to speak.